Staykes You Can Trust

Are you a property owner, outdoor enthusiast, or sportperson?  Are you looking for a hard-as-nails, multi-purpose solution to staking down and securing your possessions? Staykes is the last anchoring system you will ever need for applications ranging from securing tents under all conditions to anchoring lawn furniture in your backyard to leashing your pet safely and securely.  No more cheap tent stakes.  No more difficult screw-type anchors.  No more sandbags.  Staykes patented design is the last and only word in ground staking solutions.

The Staykes four barbed ground holding system is constructed of hardened steel, so it will last. It has the power to hold under extreme tension and it goes into nearly any surface including hard ground and ice (watch the video below). It holds all kinds of things from lawn and garden furniture to swing sets, from trampolines to Christmas lawn ornaments.  Our bright red design means extra visibility and a accessory hammer/pry system makes use even easier.  What can you do with Staykes?


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Thousands of Uses


  • Anchor garbage cans
  • Hold Ladder Bases in Place
  • Anchor chain link fencing
  • and more . . .


  • secure hosing
  • anchor trees
  • hang flower pots
  • and more . . .

Outdoor Recreation

  • secure tents
  • secure awnings
  • secure icehouses
  • and more . . .


  • secure mobile basketball hoops
  • secure netting of any kind
  • hold down bases and goal posts
  • and more . . .

“I like to have a tent in the back yard so the kids can play and have their place of their own.  The stakes that came with our tent were a joke and it rolled over with the first wind.  I used Staykes and we don’t have that problem anymore!”

Randy G

My dog needs to be tethered because he is just a puppy and will run away.  The auger takes you buy at the pet store won’t go into hard or dry ground very well, but Staykes goes in and STAYS!  It holds the dog and comes up easy using a little leverage.

Matt D.

We bought the kids a trampoline, put it together, and the first thing that happens is a huge thunderstorm.  Our trampoline ended up in our neighbors tree.  My husband put it back together and used six Staykes to fasten it.  It hasn’t moved in five years!

Susie H.

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